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Circle Theorem InfoNotes & Activities

Circle theorems are one of those topics in Geometry that don't have a lot of application but is a great unit to "think" about math. I don't give a test over this unit, I have my students write a choose your own adventure story (linked below) to demonstrate their understanding. I also have explorations and… Continue reading Circle Theorem InfoNotes & Activities

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Triangle Similarity InfoNotes

Here are my InfoNotes for the Triangle Similarity unit. For anyone who is stumbling upon this post, I use this as part of my choice options for learning. I pair it with videos and give students the read or watch choice. In my current classroom, these are house in additional resources. We do most of… Continue reading Triangle Similarity InfoNotes

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Student Choice Finals

This is a repost from Infinitely Teaching. Our district requires us to give a final. We didn't last year because we has so many absences due to quarantine and illness. Well, that hasn't changed for this year but they wanted finals anyway. We always give the reason for finals as preparation for college. Some students… Continue reading Student Choice Finals

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Concurrency in Triangles InfoNotes & Activities

I usually teach points of concurrency before Winter break but since I'm doing the Building Thinking Classrooms (by Peter Liljedahl) I'm not moving quite as fast and I'm okay with that. My students are gaining a deeper understanding and on their semester 1 reflection, many of them said they like building their understanding at the… Continue reading Concurrency in Triangles InfoNotes & Activities

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Triangles & Triangle Congruence InfoNotes & Activities

As promised, here is another set of InfoNotes and activities I use. Congruent Triangles Isosceles & Equilateral Triangles Exterior Angles & Triangle Sum Theorems Triangle Congruence Theorems Triangle Congruence Proofs Triangle Coordinate Proofs Here are some additional activities I have used during this unit. link link link link link Google Sheet link I usually introduce… Continue reading Triangles & Triangle Congruence InfoNotes & Activities