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I know I post infoNotes all the time and I explained why I use them the very first time I shared. Since it’s been a minute, let me share they WHY of my infoNotes. In Universal Design for Learning, representation matters. Here is a quote from the UDL guidelines about representation.

Learners differ in the ways that they perceive and comprehend information that is presented to them. For example, those with sensory disabilities (e.g., blindness or deafness); learning disabilities (e.g., dyslexia); language or cultural differences, and so forth may all require different ways of approaching content. Others may simply grasp information quicker or more efficiently through visual or auditory means rather than printed text. Also learning, and transfer of learning, occurs when multiple representations are used, because they allow students to make connections within, as well as between, concepts. In short, there is not one means of representation that will be optimal for all learners; providing options for representation is essential.

After learning about UDL, I try to offer something for my students to read and something for them to listen to/watch for every lesson. The read part is always my infoNotes and the notes we took from class/consolidation. The listen/watch portion is either a video made by me or something I have previewed on youtube and found to be acceptable. I actually like when I can find a video that does things slightly different than I do. I think it’s good for students to see multiple ways to approach a problem. My infoNotes and videos are intended to be supplemental to the class and also work for students who are absent.

Ok, on to the infoNotes for Limits. Remember, this is for an introduction to Calculus class so we do not include Trig. The infoNotes could easily be adapted if you wanted to add Trig.

I would love to know if you have adopted the infoNote idea. Please share if you have.

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