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Digital Math Puzzle

You can google search these math puzzles on paper. My students love to do them but I wanted a way for students to be able to self check so I created a Google Sheets version. I have provide the template below and I will walk you through each step to change your questions and answers.


1. You will need 16 questions. Keep in mind that students will not answer all of the questions. I created mine in a Google Slide size 5 in x 5 in. and downloaded them as a .png.

2. Pick a path for the correct answer. I draw a little diagram to help me along the way.

3. Next I place the questions in the spreadsheet in the order that I want them. Go to insert image and place image IN cell. This way I can select the questions I know I want students to answer.

4. After the questions are placed, I create my answers. You can type them in the spreadsheet or you can create another slide deck for the answer. I created a 3 in x 3 in deck for answers and inserted the images IN the cell.

5. The I now type in x next to each answer, per the instructions, along the path. Yes, you still have blank questions and blank answer spaces. We will fix that soon.

6. Change the formula on the END square to match the cells where you have an x. I only included one cell per answer but you could include both. You can also add your own image on Sheet 2. Right now you have my Bitmoji.

Change each cell reference (D5, F9, etc) to match the square on your grid with correct answer x

7. Now go back and add in questions and answers to all the empty spaces. You want to make sure there is a correct answer for each question. You also want to place questions where some of the answer are similar to others.

Make sure you force a copy for each student when they work it out. I always make them put their work on a piece of paper then I can help them or check their work. This is just a fun and easy way to have students check their own puzzle. You could absolutely print out the puzzle.

If you make one, I would love feedback.

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