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Thinking Questions

This idea came from Alice Keeler and the late Diana Herrington's book Teaching Math with Google Apps. I have wanted to implement it for some time and even had some conversations with Alice about how she is currently using it. This year I finally created some. The whole point behind this type of question is… Continue reading Thinking Questions

Algebra 1, Functions, Questioning

Math Talk – Functions

I am always trying to include student discourse and critical thinking in my lessons. This activity started as a sort that we would do AFTER the lesson was completed. This year I decided to change it up and created this slide deck as a lesson opener. The students were told which ones were functions and… Continue reading Math Talk – Functions

Inequalities, Questioning

Questions for Inequalities lesson

This is an exploratory lesson for inequalities and absolute value. It involves questioning and students demonstrating their understanding with a visual. I find it difficult to script my question writing because I take cues from my students, but hopefully, this will be a good place to start. You will be tempted to show your students… Continue reading Questions for Inequalities lesson