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Pre-Calculus Info Notes

I’m teaching a semester long Intro to Calculus class this year. Trig is not a pre-requisite so there is no trig in the problems but we go through the basic idea of limits and derivatives. We also go through the Pre-Calculus unit to brush up on all the skills needed to be successful.

I wanted to offer Watch and Read resources for this group too. I offer these in addition to Building Thinking Classrooms consolidation notes. Since I am creating them, you might as well have access to them too. Yes, I know you will likely be getting them after you have taught it but I am making them as I go. Maybe if you teach this Semester 2 or you can save them for next year. These InfoNotes might also be helpful if you are teaching Algebra 2.

Linear Models
Factor Polynomials
Solving Polynomials

Enjoy the resources!

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