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Google Sheets Lock Template

This is a fun activity that could be used to check practice answers (my intent for this) or to add to a digital escape room or just a fun warm-up activity if you only have a few problems.

I get requests from teachers all the time about how to create an activity where the student must correctly answer the first question to continue to the next. Well, this activity will do that. When the student opens the sheet, you will only see the first question. The next question will not appear until the correct answer is entered in the box. The process continues until they have answered all questions and get a congratulations message.

You can use this this template (linked below) to create your own. Tab 2 is hidden, but you can unhide the tab (view – hidden sheets) and update the question images (column b) and the answer (column c). Column C is set to a white font color but you can change it back to black to see it better. Using a white font color makes it more difficult for students to access the answers, although a determined student can still find the answers if they understand spreadsheets. And good for them if they can! Column A holds the congratulations image when they solve all the problems. I have provided the slide deck below so you can update all the slides to fit your subject.

To update questions in column B, download your new questions from the slide deck as .jpg or .png and insert – image in cell. Makes sure you change the answers in Column C to match the question in Column B. Next, type in the answers into Sheet 1 and make sure everything works.

I highlight Column C and turn it white again and then hide Sheet 2 by right clicking and selecting Hide Sheet.

I hope you find this useful. It’s just another creative way to use Google Sheets for self-checking assessments.

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