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Triangle Similarity InfoNotes

Here are my InfoNotes for the Triangle Similarity unit. For anyone who is stumbling upon this post, I use this as part of my choice options for learning. I pair it with videos and give students the read or watch choice. In my current classroom, these are house in additional resources. We do most of our learning at the whiteboards (#vnps for my Building Mathematical Thinking peeps). I post additional resources for every lesson so students who are absent have more than just our consolidation notes to look at. InfoNotes are also helpful in a remote learning situation. In addition to my notes, I have also posted some activities I use during this unit. Enjoy!

Here are some activities I plan to use this unit.

I also love to have a hands-on activity for scale factor. I want students to experience WHY we use scale factor and then use it themselves. Here are two different activities I have done, depending on time. Honey, I Shrunk the classroom takes a few more days than Far Side Expansion but they are both fun and applicable.

As always, I hope you find something to make math more fun and meaningful for your students and makes your job a little easier. Enjoy!

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