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Trig InfoNotes & Activities

I know I am behind where most of you are getting these activities out. I will try to get the remaining InfoNotes posted soon so you have them to use.

I will be teaching this using the Building Thinking Classrooms (Peter Liljedahl) approach. I really stretched my brain to come up with ways to do this. I compiled a few Desmos activities into an introduction that we will do with our tables. I also plan to use a Blooket to help them review their adjacent, opposite, and hypotenuse. I know this seems intuitive, but students really struggle with identifying those. I’m hoping my intro activity helps with it.

As a reminder, I use these infoNotes as supplemental resources for students who want more or are absent. I pair them with a video I either make or find using a read/watch option.

Desmos Intro Activity


I usually complete an angles of elevation and depression trig exploration/project before I introduce the angles of elevation and depression lesson. The link below will take you to the activity I have previously posted about.

Angles of Elevation and Depression Activity

I hope you enjoy the resources. Modify as needed, share with others, give me credit if you post them publicly, but please don’t sell them. I offer these for free because I want to help teachers.

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