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Spooky Math Activities

I love Spooky season and I love to incorporate it into my math activities. Let me offer a disclaimer here. Know your students, and if Halloween activities go against their beliefs then make arrangements accordingly.

Let the fun begin!

Geometric Jack

This first activity was created by me. When I was a fresh, baby teacher, I sometimes practiced my lessons before teaching them. This lesson happened to be on constructions, so I was practicing my constructions on paper. I looked down and realized it kind of looked like a Jack-o-Lantern, and Geometric Jack was born. Now back in the day it wasn’t an electronic version like this is, but with the onset of technology it makes delivery of the activity easier.


Okay, the activity isn’t mine, but the funny name is. We are usually working on our transformations unit during October. One of the activities I like to do is make reflection Skeletons out of their cursive names. Yes, it’s a bit below the rigor of high school students, but is it fun? Yes it is. And sometimes we just need to have some fun in math class.

Link to activity slides

Build a Story (Mad Libs)

I found this idea on Twitter, shared by @JoliBoucher. Here is the link to her spreadsheet. I took her idea and turned into a self-checking sheet (updated from my last post). When you make a copy, the answers are hidden on Sheet 4. Just unhide the sheet to change the answers. I added the questions by creating them in a slide deck and downloading each as an image. The slides are also located on Sheet 4.

Joli has stopped using the word Mad Lib because it is copyrighted, so I changed everything but the story slide. When you create your own title for the story slide you can call it a Halloween story.

click to copy

Desmos Pumpkin Carving

I didn’t create this one, but it showed up in my Twitter feed and it looks fun.

Click to open

Build Frank E. Stein

A fun quick-check idea you can do is similar to my build a snowman activity. Swap out the snowman with Frank from the slides below and you have a fun Spooky themed quick-check activity.

Skeleton Graphs

Have you seen those figures or even dances where you move your arms to match the graph of a parent function? This activity models that but using skeletons. Students move the skeletons arms around to model the graph of the function.

I hope you find something useful among the Spooky activities I have created and accumulated over the years. Have a safe and fun Spooky season!

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