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Mad Libs Review

I stumbled across this post on Twitter by @joliboucher and I loved the idea of creating Mad Libs in a Google Sheet. I teach math, so I wanted a way to incorporate this into my class. I have a review coming up this week and it seemed like a perfect way to make a self-checking review. Using some skills I learned from @alicekeeler, I formatted my spreadsheet to “self-check” the answers. Once the answer is correct, the part of speech shows up and the students can enter a word. Once all of the words are entered their story appears on the next tab.

The students have a separate sheet with the review questions.


I need to get better at writing the stories, LOL, but I can see this being one of our standard fun “self-check” activities going forward.

I’ve attached the spreadsheet if you want to play around with it too.


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