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Factoring Resources

A request was made on Twitter this weekend for resources for a new teacher for factoring quadratics. When I went to look for a blog post, I realized I didn’t have one just for factoring. So here you go. I’ve added some of the ideas shared by others too.

Factor with Algebra Tiles

My Algebra Tiles are not the traditional color but I like it better this way. You can always change the colors to traditional colors if you wish.

Self-Checking Factoring Practice

This is a Google Slides self-checking activity with GCF, trinomials, and difference of two squares. A long time ago my students told me that how I factor a trinomial looks like a trident and the name stuck. You can change that also.

Desmos Activity

This was shared by @seeswin on Twitter.

click to open


I love this website but sometimes I forget I have it as a resource. This was shared by @vmunozp1 on Twitter.

click to open


Blooket has MANY already created sets to practice factoring. My students LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to play this in class and to complete it independently. I teach high school students and they ask me to assign them extra practice on there.

Once you login to the Blooket site, search for factor trinomials and choose one. you can also create your own.

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