Geometry, Points of Concurrency

Concurrency in Triangles InfoNotes & Activities

I usually teach points of concurrency before Winter break but since I’m doing the Building Thinking Classrooms (by Peter Liljedahl) I’m not moving quite as fast and I’m okay with that. My students are gaining a deeper understanding and on their semester 1 reflection, many of them said they like building their understanding at the whiteboard instead of taking traditional notes. This is a very different attitude from the beginning of the year.

I have a lot of resources for the unit, including many versions of a performance assessment. I hope you find them useful.


Supporting Resources

Check for Understanding

Check & Reflect

Performance Assessment

I don’t usually give a regular assessment over this unit. I love that it has real application so I give this performance assessment. I have used it many times and here are four different versions. Some have different questions, the last one links to Geogebra. You could also do this in Desmos, which is something I plan to try this year. They require image files, so I added the images after the activity. Just download them and link them in your LMS.

city image
garden image
metal trianlge
circular house
city map
Denny Triangle
Performance Assessment linked to Geogebra


I have not used Desmos before but I plan to try it this year. Here are some activities I have found, created by others, that I plan to use. Once we are familiar with constructions in Desmos, I may move my Performance Assessment to Desmos and see how it goes.

I know may schools started back after Winter Break in a remote setting. Hopefully you find this information useful and it takes a little bit of the burden off of you.

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