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Triangles & Triangle Congruence InfoNotes & Activities

As promised, here is another set of InfoNotes and activities I use.

Here are some additional activities I have used during this unit.

I usually introduce the unit with this paper activity. You all KNOW how much I don’t like paper cutting activities, but I have continued to use it because it’s a good activity. The one I use is called Road Kill Kafe, but there are others. It’s not my activity and I don’t know who to credit so I’ll let you search for yourself.


Illuminations has an activity that is just OK, but it was good when we were remote and I couldn’t have students cut out paper.

I’m excited to try a new one this year through Desmos. I haven’t tried it with students but I like how it looks, AND it won’t take as long as the paper cutting activity.

And, of course, I have a digital escape room. And this escape room is one of my all time favorites!

Hopefully this will give you some usable ideas and resources. Enjoy!

5 thoughts on “Triangles & Triangle Congruence InfoNotes & Activities”

      1. I’m a teacher in Ohio. (Sorry if my comment made it sound like I was a student asking for the answers!) I love the escape room – it’s blowing my mind as I’m going through it, but I’d like to use it next week and I can’t get the last two codes (6 & 3 letters). Maybe I’m missing something.


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