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#booksnaps came from the incredible Tara Martin who decided to take Snapchat and have student annotate information from books. I loved it! Then I wanted to know how I could use this in math class. I was so excited when I coined the phrase #mathsnaps only to have Tara tell me someone else already beat me to it. That’s ok, it’s still a great idea.

I had my students create math snaps for parabolas after their catapult project. It’s a great (and fun) way for students to demonstrate their understanding of key features of the parabola. AND… you get to use Bitmoji’s so it’s a win-win.

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I have a short tutorial on my Infinitely Teaching blog to help with the creation of #mathsnaps in Google Drawing but I also give students this document in Google Classroom so they can be self-directed learners.

You can do this with any math subject area. Be creative with it. Here is an example from Jacob Mehr who saw my #mathsnaps on Twitter and decided to try them himself. He took the picture then dropped the image in Desmos. From Desmos he screen captured the image and put it in Google Drawing to finish the #mathnsap.

Twitter Parabola.jpg

Posted in Activities, Parabolas

Catapult Activity

While researching for our parabola unit I stumbled upon the project posted by Julie Reulbach on her blog I Speak Math. If you don’t follow her on Twitter, you should! I adapted her activity a little to make it go along with Clash of Clans and carried the theme throughout the activity.

I shot the orange spikey stones (because if you say balls in front of freshmen…) at students as they walked in the door starting about a week out. They were pretty excited to get to shoot the catapults themselves. Many of them also play Clash of Clans or Clash Royale so they enjoyed that part too. The activity is frustrating for some of them who like to have their hand held through each step. We have them work together at tables and only intervene if the productive struggle is no longer productive.

I have attached all of my documents for this project. Remember, this is modified from Julie’s project. You can get all of her originals here.

Activity Document

This is a printable bulls-eye. I feel like I can use the castle image in the middle since it’s a screen-shot I took from the game. If you feel this is questionable, then take the image off.

Desmos activity This is updated from Julie’s as well. I included the Clash of Clans images (possible copyright issues here – sorry) but it makes it more engaging for the students.

Scoring Guide

I plan to update this project for next year with some spreadsheet activities.