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Commercials for Class

As the year winds down, keeping the excitement going is sometimes difficult. I have two classes with seniors, whose last day was Friday, and now I have Juniors for 2 more weeks and I need to find activities to do that do not rely on new content.

I decided to make commercials for students in future years. This allows students to highlight what they learned about and it can also be a reflection for me.

I recently learned about Biteable. Yes, it’s another presentation platform, and yes, we already have so many. What I like about this is the ease in creating commercials. It reminds me a lot of Adobe Spark, which will also be an option for this project.

Here is a quick example I have made to show my students how I would advertise Geometry.

Geometry on Biteable.

I’m going to let students use any platform they choose to create these videos. I’m excited to see what they come up with.

I’ll share some results when I get them.

Finish strong friends!

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