Area, Surface Area, Volume

Area, Surface Area, and Volume Exit Tickets

I love this unit because it is so applicable. I have shared many ideas to use during this unit and next week I will combine everything together in one post so it’s easier to access. This post will focus on my exit tickets.

I’ve taught surface area and volume using the formula for all of my teaching career. Last year, I decided I wanted students to look up the formulas like they would in real life. I still think it’s a great skill but it took way too much time to find a calculator that worked. I decided to just make my own. Does it take away from the life skill of searching for one? Yes! Does it make my class flow better but still gives them the opportunity to utilize a calculator? Yes! So for these exit tickets, I’ve designed them to be used with my surface are and volume calcuator.

This unit is also long, so there are many exit tickets.

You can search my blog for the many activities I have created for surface area and volume or you can check back next week for my compilation post.


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