Digital Manipulatives

Digital Decks of Cards

As I was perusing Twitter last week, I came across someone asking if their activity could be made into a Google Slide. For some reason I cannot resist the urge to “see if I can do it”!!! [On a side note, self care tells me I really SHOULD resist this urge ☺️] So I did it! I created a digital version of her game.

First, this game looks like a fun way to add three digit numbers, there is not one right answer, and students are not competing based on correct answer rather how close they get to 1,000.

Click for template

I REALLY liked the “shuffle” idea I came up with for this game and thought, WOW, I could use the idea for a regular deck of cards. I began looking for a deck of cards and ran into a snag… I didn’t want to use someone else’s card due to copyright and I’m simply too cheap to buy them. So… I made them. Please don’t laugh at my King, Queen, and Jack. I did my best 😂. The good news is, they are free and Creative Commons licensed to me so just give me credit if you use them.

The instructions to shuffle are in both of activities. Make sure you don’t just drag the cards. You have to DUPLICATE the card or the layering will not be in the correct order. Once you have created your decks, you can copy the whole deck and paste it into any other Google Slide activity you have created. Create multiple slides, to have multiple “shuffled card” options.

click for template

After I made this activity, I saw the John Meehan (@MeehanEDU) had also made one. In his activity, he has a created deck of cards (his doesn’t “flip over” with the cover card) and he just changes the order. I couldn’t quickly find it, but he shared it on Twitter.

If you use either of these activities, give me a shoutout on social media. It makes my day when others can use what I share.

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