Student reflection is so very important! If we want students to see learning as a process and not and one and done situation, then we need to provide them ways to reflect on their learning.

This is an idea that I have used in my face-to-face classes and it has also been successful in my remote learning classes. You can achieve this in many different ways. I’ve included a few of the templates and ideas I’ve used below. I find Google Slides the best for me. It takes the least amount of time to read them. Google Forms is also quick, except I always feel like I need to merge the info into one document so it looks better, then it doesn’t save me time anymore 🤓!

Google Slides Reflection

Both of these slides do basically the same thing. The first one was created using a template from Slides Mania (yes, I mention it a lot because it’s AMAZING!!!). The second one is a template I created. They both ask basically the same thing. The second one can be assigned for EVERY lesson, the first one could be assigned after a few lessons.

Flipgrid Reflection

I ask the same questions as above, letting students pick stickers or a drawing for the whiteboard to tell me where they are with the current information.

Pro: I can hear their voice inflection and they tend to tell me more in the videos.

Con: It takes a lot longer to get through the feedback!

Google Forms Reflection

I ask the same questions in the Google Form as I do in the Google Slides. I miss the visual interaction students get by dragging the icons in the Google Slides. You could have students upload images but I want this to be a fast process for them too.

click to make a copy of Form

Pear Deck

You could also use the interactive drag features and the question features to do the same thing in a Pear Deck. It’s not much different from the Google Forms above, but the take away feature is nice. I don’t have one of these to share, but it’s an idea if you use Pear Deck.

Make Math Not Suck the BOOK

These are the types of ideas and templates I share in my book Make Math Not Suck. It’s full color and full of QR codes, stories to inspire, and ideas to use immediately. Fun fact, I’ve had many people tell me these ideas could be used in ANY classroom K-12, so share with your non-math friends too!

You can pick up your copy at Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

If you use any of the ideas in this blog post or my book, please share out on Social Media and tag me. I LOVE to see how these ideas help others!!!

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