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Equations of Lines and Circles Digital Escape Room

My friend and colleague learned how to make digital escape rooms from me. You all don’t have me next to you everyday so you can learn from my post on Ditch That Textbook. This is the second escape room she has made. She’s getting pretty good at them!

I plan to use this one as a self-assessment during our distance learning time. I’m so grateful for colleagues who are willing to try new things and then share when they do.

Feel free to use this escape room. It includes a review of equations of lines and equations of circles.

Lost Lola
Click to go to the escape room.

Stay safe friends!

5 thoughts on “Equations of Lines and Circles Digital Escape Room”

  1. Hi! Thank you so much for sharing your resources! I cannot seem to open this escape room. I get an admin error. Is that probably something to do with my school’s settings or the settings on this activity link?
    Thank you!


  2. I am having problems with the 3 numbers and 2 letters code. Is there an abbreviation for undefined slope? I am frustrated.


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